Road accidents that stem from road rage, blatant disrespect of traffic rules, and simple ignorance of the law are inevitable. It happens when we least expect it. This is the reason why driver safety is an important detail that one must remember whenever one get behind the wheel. Now that it is hard to drive due to our weather conditions, it is best to arm yourself with a tool like a dashcam.

We are often asked how to use one and why it matters at Hibiscus Coast Panel Beaters. We take pride in assisting customers and ensuring their cars are well-maintained and protected. 

While most drivers have been taking precautions in order to avoid getting into accidents, it doesn’t hurt to have this little accessory to help you out after potential mishaps. That’s right, we’re talking about one of the most popular tools being used around the world… a dashcam. A dashboard camera records your surroundings while on the road. It is said that dashcams are the cheapest form of “insurance policy.” You may not need it now, but it can bail you out once the need arises. 

Here are the reasons you should get one.

  1. Evidence  

Whether it’s a fender bender or some serious car accident, a dashcam will be able to record who was at fault. In a world where road rules are full of loopholes, driver protection when it comes to legal procedures is important. Dashcams are now accepted as vital evidence.

  1. Driver and Passenger Safety 

If you are an Uber driver, having a dashcam is helpful. There are instances where your passengers might behave unusually or act in a way that could result in inconveniences like coffee spills or vomit. A dashcam would be able to record the happenings inside with clear audio recording (if your camera has this feature). This way, you would be able to rewind or give a pivotal piece of information should you need it.

  1. Peace of Mind

Consider your dashcam as a tiny companion whenever you’re driving alone or with a passenger.  Aside from the knowledge that what’s going on around you is being documented, it will also tell you where your car has been all day. What a good way to take care of one of your valuable assets. 

  1. Security

When your car is parked, people unknowingly scratch or create a dent in your car. It could also be intentional, but who knows, right? Properly installing a dash cam can also document what happens to your car while you’re not in it. But don’t forget, give us a ring if you’ve got a ding! 

  1. Awareness and Alertness

Since a dashcam can send information directly to your laptop or other linked devices, you can immediately replay it and see how you are as a driver. This feature will make you a better driver. Another awesome benefit of installing a dashcam is that it can capture great, funny, who knows, the next viral story comes from you!  

Drive Better

You can shop around many different models with different functions and prices. If you are one of those drivers who want to save on insurance expenses, a good-quality dashcam is all you need. Although we are certified by the Collision Repair Association, we want you to be as safe on the road as possible. Hibiscus Coast Panel Beaters is a company that offers car care services like auto detailing, panel beating, and car grooming, just to name a few. 

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