What rust is and how to tackle it

Rust is the common name for ‘iron oxide’ and is a weakening of metal. At first rust may be surface level, but if left to spread it begins eating into the affected area. This makes it brittle before it eventually disintegrates entirely. It can be hard to know just how bad an instance of rust is (that’s why it’s always a good idea then to take your car for a check at your panel beaters). 

Rust most commonly leads to holes forming in the floors, doors, and roofs of cars. Rust spots expose the metal to more rain and wind, which causes even more rust. This is because rust occurs when iron, or metal containing iron, is exposed to oxygen and moisture for an extended period. 

This extra rust in more sensitive areas of the car has a knock-on effect. If rust becomes too severe, getting into the mechanical components of a car, it can start affecting performance. If the rust builds up on the structure, the car could become unsafe to drive, as the chassis may fail over time, and sometimes quite suddenly.

So, what are the solutions? Is a car with rust a lost cause? Not at all. All it requires is the correct rust repairs. A panel beater will be able to survey the extent and then repair rust damage where it’s present and help proof against it if there’s a risk of further rust.

There’s debate about how often rust proofing should be done, and touched up, but really it’s about the quality of the work. Good panel beaters can rust proof a car to protect it for years at a time. 

While rust can appear no matter where you live, certain areas have a higher chance of causing it. Specifically, areas like coasts that see more moisture. If you live in or like cruising the Hibiscus Coast in Auckland, your car is at greater risk. When you spot signs of rust, take your car to the panel beaters to be checked. Catching an issue early is always better than waiting for it to become a problem. 

Your car is an expensive asset and responsible for transporting you, you friends and family safely. It gets you to work, and to the beach with the family on the weekends. It looks out for your health and lifestyle so maintain your vehicle’s health is in your best interests. If you’ve got rust, or fear you might, don’t fret — act. Going in to get your car checked and getting the right rust repairs is a simple solution to a potential world of problems. 

For more advice or help with sun damage to your vehicle, talk to the team at Hibiscus Coast Panelbeaters about other high quality, environmentally friendly paint protection solutions on offer.