When To Change Your Car Tyres – Basic Car Grooming Tips

A seasoned driver would know that tyres must also be taken seriously. After all, you won’t be able to drive as efficient as you want to if you have a flat or ripped tyre. If you visit auto centres for car grooming services, most often than not, a professional panel beater would carefully check first if your tyres are still intact or not. 

If you have been driving for years, you could easily spot indicators when a tyre needs replacement or additional care. However, you must know that not all tyres are created equal. There are tyres used for 4×4, tyres for snow, and the common ones are for regular cars like a sedan or an SUV or MPV also known as Multi-Purpose Vehicles. 

As a local expert for panel beating and car grooming services, we would like to share a few indicators for you to know when it is time to change your tyres.

So, it is time to change your tires, if:

Reason 1: You need to put air every so often

A healthy tire doesn’t need to put air on a daily basis. On the other hand, It is a must to check if the air is sufficient on a weekly basis. But when you notice that your tires need air almost every day, check for some nails or any sharp object ingrained in your tires. This could be the culprit.


Reason 2: It’s harder to drive

A healthy set of tires won’t make you feel like you’re driving on a bumpy road. Therefore, if you feel like the performance of your tires isn’t as par, you need to go to the nearest auto centre and have it checked or replaced.


Reason 3: Losing its tread

We always encounter this reason. Sometimes, if we see no visible damage to the car like a nail, car owners wouldn’t really bother changing the tire at all. Once you notice your tire has an uneven tread, it is best to visit a local expert to help you. But how would you know if your tread is uneven, bad, or still okay to use? You can use a coin to gauge the tread of your tyres. If you need to know more about which tyres to purchase, follow this helpful guide written by Consumer.

Reason 4: Consider the age

Let’s just say you are not fond of driving. Or you don’t often use your car and just use it for city driving. But how old is your car now? When was the last time you changed your tyres? If you can’t remember anymore, that’s a good sign that it’s about time to change them tyres.


Reason 5: Season or weather

For most households, investing in different tyres has become a tradition. We firmly believe that each car owner in New Zealand has two sets of tyres: one for winter and one for summer. Some car owners keep three kinds, and the third set could be for off-roading. A normal tyre that usually comes with our cars cannot work properly on snow or rough roads. So, if the season has changed, you need to have a ready set of tyres to avoid inconvenience. 


How To Keep Your Tyres in Pristine Condition

There are many things to consider to keep your tyres in pristine condition.  Here are some of them:

  1. You need to plan and schedule a visit to your local car expert.  Your mechanic will be able to tell you if your tyres need a replacement or not.
  2. Make it a habit to check your tyres even though you are not driving. Every after trip, check your tyres if there’s a nail or debris stuck to your tyres.
  3. A tire manufacturer like Goodyear recommends rotating tyres every six months. This method gauges your tyre’s flexibility. You may want to check the car’s manual and find out the right tyre rotation options.
  4. Refrain from overloading your car. If you have a sports car which is a two-seater, stick to it. There’s a reason why only a few people can ride in your vehicles, and that is to keep the right pressure on your tyres.


Over To You

Having a car is an investment. Not everyone has the privilege to own a car, let alone ride one. So, when you get the chance, take care of it like it is a thing to do. Always schedule a car grooming, save up for interior or exterior detailing, and more. If all else fails, you always have a local expert you can count on. Visit www.hibiscuscoastpanelbeaters.co.nz