What is Vehicle Detailing?

A car is an indispensable asset — useful for business, home life, and pleasure – and, as such you want to keep it in tip-top condition. The mechanics are important, but like people judge a book by its cover, it is what’s on the outside that matters.

The colour, the quality of the paint, and the shine of the wheels, to name a few, are things that people take in at a glance. If you let wear and tear build up, and eventually, it’ll affect your car’s performance and its value.

Join us as we take a look at what car detailing is, and how specialists such as those at Hibiscus Coast Panel Beaters go about it.

More than cleaning 

Having a car detailed is more than merely having it cleaned, however, every good detailing begins with a thorough wash.

The detailing specialists will clean the exterior and interior of the car in order to remove any dirt and grit that may be stuck so that they can prep it for detailing and get an accurate idea of what the car needs.

Naturally, this cleaning goes above the usual wash and reaches every inch of the car inside and out.

With the cleaning complete, the specialists can examine the car and note any issues such as scratches, chips, or dents.


Primarily, most issues appear in three different areas—paintwork, glass/mirrors, and the interior.

The most important and technical fix will be paint correction. This is where the technician fixes worn paint, and even minor scratches through rejuvenation.

People often attempt this themselves, but it’s a bad idea. It may look like it’s as easy as just spraying on some fresh paint, but it isn’t the case. The colour needs to be mixed to be exact, or it’ll stick out and cause the opposite effect. 

Specialists like those at Hibiscus Coast Panel Beaters can create a perfect match, to make any spot look brand new. The treatment of glass and mirrors is similar, with scratches being buffed out, and chips being filled.

The interior of the vehicle will get a deep cleanse, with seats and carpets shampooed. Other surfaces will be scrubbed and coated with protective layers. Not only will this make the interior as clean as can be, but it’ll also recapture that “new car” smell.

Besides looking fantastic, all of this works to fend off general wear and preserve your car’s value.

Locking it in

Finally, the detailing must be “locked in”. This is primarily done through the application of a protective coating that can either be wax, or a liquid sealant. Each has its pros and cons.

Wax is a classic, it looks better, and it doesn’t bond with the car’s body. Wax is best if you have a classic car you don’t want to alter in any way, with the downside being that it’ll have to be reapplied regularly.

Liquid sealant is much stronger, but many feel it doesn’t deliver the same finish. Its benefit is that it bonds with the body, to provide stronger and longer-lasting protection.


There are instances when your car is parked where people unknowingly scratch or create a dent in your car. It could also be intentional but who knows, right? Properly installing a dash cam can also document what happens to your car while you’re not in it. 

Wrpa Up

For more information about the cosmetic and practical benefits of detailing, contact Hibiscus Coast Panel Beaters.

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