How To Avoid or Remove Car Spill Stains In Your Car

Imagine yourself enjoying a cup of hot coffee as you drive down Hibiscus Coast on the way to work then suddenly, a car cuts in front of you. You slam the brakes in panic and the coffee spills on yourself and all over your car. That’s not the best way to start your Monday morning, is it?

In 2019 alone, there are 3.6 million drivers license holders in New Zealand, where a good number of them must have experienced spilling in their cars before. Whether it be coffee, water, food, and other things that can leave a stain, it truly is a headache to remove them. That is why car grooming services are highly advised in solving this mess. 

But don’t worry, your car can still be safe from stains with the right technique and fast thinking without spending too much money. You just need a few household cleaning supplies and you’re good to go. Here are a few tips to avoid and remove spill stains in your car.

Remove stains from your car seats

1. Blot, don’t scrub

Using paper towels or any pieces of cloth, soak up all excess liquid from your car’s carpet and seats in a blotting motion. Do not scrub at the stains as this can make the liquid settle further into the fibers of the material, making it harder to remove them later on. Keep repeating this process until you have soaked up as much liquid as you can. If there happen to be chunks of whatever spilled on your car, remove those as well using a scooping motion.

2. Use a baking soda solution for cloth seats

A known classic cleaning solution, baking soda can do wonders in removing stains and unwanted smells. Use a mixture of ¼ cup of baking soda mixed with 1 cup of warm water. Spray this solution directly onto the stain until it is slightly submerged. Get a clean toothbrush to scrub the stain away. If you notice that the stain is stubborn and won’t be removed, let the baking soda solution sit on the stain for at least 30 minutes before you scrub.

 3. Use a vinegar solution for leather seats

Mix 1 cup of vinegar and a few drops of dish soap and dilute it in 3.75 liters of hot water. Use a cotton ball to dab the solution onto the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, then proceed to scrub the stain away using a soft brush. Repeat this process until necessary. Once the stain is removed, use clean water to rinse off the solution. 

Remove stains from your car carpet

1. Blot, then vacuum

First, remove the floor mats and any debris found on your car floor. Check the liquid was able to penetrate through the floor mats. If it did, blot any excess liquid away. Once you are sure that you have removed as much liquid as possible, vacuum the carpet well, pressing it firmly onto the carpet. This helps remove more of the liquid and other grime and gunk, making the cleaning and treating process easier

2. Treat the stains

You may use standard carpet stain removers used by car grooming services, or you may opt to use a homemade alternative. Mix equal parts of club soda, vinegar, and dish soap in a spray bottle, then generously spray this solution onto the stain. Let it sit for around 10 minutes before scrubbing the stain using a soft brush. Allow the carpet to fully dry. 

 3. Vacuum again

Once the carpet is dry, run the vacuum again to make sure the carpet is clean. Add your cleaned floor mats and you’re good to go.

Small accidents like this happen all the time, so don’t worry about removing the stains and odors when it comes to car spills. With just a few household cleaning supplies and a bit of your time, you can restore your car’s interior as if nothing had happened. 

 Car grooming services

However, if you don’t have the time to clean your car, then it might be a good idea to book an appointment for car grooming services near you. Hibiscus Coast Panelbeaters can offer you car grooming services such as interior vacuuming, seat shampooing, rinsing, and drying, surface detailing, cleaning and polish, and removing stains and unwanted smells. 

 For more advice or help with car grooming, talk to the team at Hibiscus Coast Panelbeaters about high-quality service to renew your vehicle.