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What rust is and how to tackle it

Rust is the common name for ‘iron oxide’ and is a weakening of metal. At first rust may be surface level, but if left to spread it begins eating into the affected area. This makes it brittle before it eventually disintegrates entirely. It can be hard to know just how...

How To Avoid or Remove Car Spill Stains In Your Car

Imagine yourself enjoying a cup of hot coffee as you drive down Hibiscus Coast on the way to work then suddenly, a car cuts in front of you. You slam the brakes in panic and the coffee spills on yourself and all over your car. That’s not the best way to start your...

Two DIY carwash tips for best results

There are a few slices of heaven on earth in this life, and a clean car has to be one of them – getting in and out of a fresh, clean car is kind of the equivalent of new sheets on a made bed right after a shower at night. It makes something old feel new again, it’s comforting, you feel that little sense of accomplishment, and it’s just one of those things that make you feel like you’ve at least got one part of your life together.

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